Exchange Club of the Treasure Coast

Meeting 12 Noon, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at CJ CANNONS
Volume 07 JANUARY 2017

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017

Happy New Year

A New Year's Resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other

The New Year started off in the best way; the weather was beautiful, the first club meeting, on January 5th, at C J Cannons was a happy one as we were chatting about our holidays with family and friends, holiday projects that this club completed for Exchange with Devereux and what this will do for the new year. Cindy thanked all the club members for making "Christmas Bright" for the older teens; with our donations and gifts.

The first speaker in the new year was Sam Kouns, who is the President of the Veteran's Council. Veteran's are very important to this club through our Americanism pillar.

As you can see from our "Save The Date" column this first month was action packed and the club loves it. February promises to be busy too!

It looks like March will be fun and then we go into April, which is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The last week of April is also National Volunteer Week. May is Freedom Shrine Month and during all this time the club is thinking about new Officers and Directors for the new Exchange year.

12th Board Meeting 2nd General Meeting
16th Martin Luther King Day 9th Board Meeting
19th General Meeting-Speaker 14th Valentine's Day &
Sam Kouns, President of Veteran's Council Senior Tea/I R Estates
20th Inauguration Day 16th General Meeting
26-28th Mid-Year Summit 22nd President's Day
None 05 - Art
09 - Leslie
None 7th Robert - 9 years
9th Diana - 2 years


New York City did the first inauguration, as it was the temporary capital of the U.S.

Lyndon B Johnson was the only president to take the oath of office from a woman. After the assassination of John F Kennedy, Johnson was sworn in aboard Air Force One by Sara T Hughes, a U.S. district judge.

Calvin Coolidge was sworn in by his father, a justice of peace, at the Coolidge family homestead in rural Vermont, on August 3, 1923, after he was informed that President Harding had passed away.

Meeting 12 Noon, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at CJ CANNONS
Volume 06 DECEMBER, 2016

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017

December is here and lots of fun things are going on within our club, within our families and within our community. As you can see from "Save The Date" our calendar is getting full!

We have had good meetings, good speakers and great projects that have been completed and some are still on the "To Do List".

November was a good month and according to club members, families and friends we had a nice Thanksgiving. The day was beautiful, the food was great; even though we ate too much, the family and friends at my personal gathering were super! Some of my family even served at "Our Father's Kitchen". They said they were blessed to be able to do that.
I have not seen or heard how the The Exchange Foundation Giving Day went on November 29th. Let's hope and pray they had good results.
One of this club's annual projects is with Devereux, "Making Christmas Bright". This year we were asked to take care of the Guardians for New Futures Group. These are the older youths, who so often get left out. The club members were given a wish list. Some of the members bought gifts off of the list and a number of members gave cash so Cindy; Youth Committee Chair, could shop for us. We are proud to say Cindy and her daughter, Haley shopped with $225.00.

01 - General Meeting 05 - General Meeting
02 - Christmas At The Airport 12 - Board Meeting
03 - Oceanside Christmas Parade 19 - General Meeting
08 - Board Meeting
09 - Christmas At Dodgertown
15 - General Meeting
17 - All Exchange Christmas Party



The December 15th club meeting is the last meeting for the month of December as well as the last meeting of 2016. Six months of this Exchange year is now over and yet, we have so much more to accomplish and do for our club and our pillars and our community.


As we look forward to the New Year we need to stop and be thankful for the past year and be proud of what has been accomplished; for the new members that have joined the club; for all of the members, whether they are at every meeting or not and to be thankful for our Club, Community, District, National and Country leadership.

January starts with "New Years Day" being on Sunday. January 5h is our first club meeting at C J Cannons and our speaker will be Gen. Sam Kouns, President of the Veteran's Council. January 16th is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; January 26th through the 28th is the Mid-Year Summit.

February brings us Valentine's Day on February 14th and President's Day on the 20th. One extra special project that this club will enjoy is our annual "Senior Tea at Indian River Estates" on Tuesday, February 14th. A special feature will be added when children from an elementary school come to be with us and sing. The Seniors will be delighted!

In March we can look forward to a fundraiser for St. Baldrick's "Big Shave". It will be held on March 25th at Capt. Hiriam's in Sebastian. This club's long time member, John D'Albora will get his head shaved for the good of the cause. Thank you John! Our club member, Donna D, is leading this club with this project. Thank you Donna!

March also brings us Daylight Savings Time, St. Patrick's Day and Exchange's 106th Anniversary.

Kim Prado continues to work with the Youth Guidance Excel Club Pathfinders. That group of young people cease to amaze this club. In January we will have a column, just for them, so you will know what they have accomplished. The Pathfinders just had their "End of Semester Award Ceremony and Dinner". It is hard to believe, how far this group has come. THANK YOU, KIM!!!

Christmas time is in the air; even though we will not have to fight the snow and we are enjoying the warm weather you can feel the excitement as you go shopping.

There is still time to shop and share gifts. We just need to remember that not all gifts are wrapped in shiny paper and decorated with ribbon and bows.

Let's remember to give to
Ourselves...respect, confidence, faith and fortitude.
Family members...communication & understanding.
To Exchange...generosity of time and treasure.
To our military forces, first responders and their loved ones...honor, admiration and support to heal the wounds.
To a child or teen...patience, guidance and a positive example through mentoring.
To the abused, neglected and and hope.
To people of every age...unconditional love.

As you get ready to close out 2016 and want to make just a few more donations, please do not forget the National Exchange Foundation!

Meeting 12 Noon, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at CJ CANNONS
Volume 05 NOVEMBER, 2016

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017

How To Teach Children The Meaning of Thanksgiving

Talk about why we celebrate Thanksgiving
Share the original story of the fall harvest celebration that brought together struggling Pilgrims and generous Native Americans.

Turn the TV and all devices off during family time
Try to keep most of Thanksgiving about the conversation and time spent with loved ones.

Be Thankful
Take time daily to express what you are thankful for.

Share and Donate
Develop a tradition of sharing with those who have less and involve children.

3rd - General Meeting * 8th - Election Day * 11th Veterans Day
6th - Daylight Savings Time Ends * 17th - General Meeting
24th Thanksgiving Day

3rd - Laurie - 11 years
15th - Beth

We survived October........Hurricane Matthew came and went in a timely manner. We had some damage in our community, but not near what other communities further north had. Let's be thankful for that!

Our club was also busy in October......Some of our members attended the Indian River Exchange Club's Black & White Ball. I heard everyone had such a good time.
October 22nd was National Day of Service at Habitat for Humanity. The Indian River Club joined forces with the Treasure Coast Club and we accomplished alot!
October 24th the Treasure Coast club members honored the Firefighter of the Year. We did the presentation at the firehouse in Sebastian to Christopher Matherly, in front of his peers. Chris was so proud of the award and his fellow co-workers were proud of him. Chris was chosen because of his performance as an Emergency Service Provider Professional including, professional & personal accomplishments, educational accomplishments and his involvement within his agency, his community and his county.


The first meeting in November we enjoyed Doug Borrie and Darlene Medeiros from Youth Guidance. They shared information about the youth, the programs, the Excel Club, the accomplishments and the appreciation from all that are involved with Youth Guidance. Darlene is the new Mentor Coordinator so they also discussed the need for group mentors.

The Exchange Club of the Treasure Coast Website is up and running. Thank you Joe Walsh

November 29th is the Exchange Foundation Giving Day

The National Exchange Club Foundation is the fundraising arm of The National Exchange Club, supporting Exchange Club members as they inspire communities to become better places to live through projects in Americanism, Community Service, Youth Programs and the National Project - the prevention of child abuse.

Annual giving contributions are essential, they provide flexible, immediate funds for Exchange's programs and operating expenses.

Veterans, First Responders and Emergency Service Providers are very important to Exchange. This club is going to be a part of a fundraiser for "Back The Badge". Many of you know that Valerie Watkins started a grass-root organization, "Back The Badge" to support our police and their families. The information Valerie received was that DEA Group Supervisor Eddie Alvey's son Will (5 years old) was recently diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma bone cancer. Eddie and his family are long time Sebastian residents and part of our law enforcement family DEA agents purchased five televisions to raffle. Tickets are 1 for $10.00 or 3 for $20.00.

Everyone buy tickets to help Eddie and his family
"Making Christmas

Meeting 12 Noon, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at CJ CANNONS
Volume 04 OCTOBER, 2016

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017

Hurricane Matthew cancelled our October 6th meeting. However; we do have a lot to be thankful for, as it was not a direct hit. Our community was prepared and the damage was minimal. Other communities along the eastern coast, as well as many of the islands way south of us did not do as good as we did, so our thoughts and prayers are with them as they recover.

At the Board meeting on October 13th the Board members enjoyed hearing about the good things that this club accomplished in September; such as the proceeds from the fundraiser "Howl At The Moon" at the Riverside Theatre. The KIRB Beach Clean Up project. The Tunnel to Towers project. This Club Rocks!

The Board also discussed the up-coming "Firefighter of the Year" award that will be presented later in the month.

October 22nd is the National Day of Service. This club will volunteer at Habitat for Humanity. The Indian River Club will volunteer along with the TC Club. It is nice to have both clubs working together as we complete the National Day of Service requirement.

OCTOBER 13th Board Meeting * 15th Indian River Exchange Club's Black & White Ball * 20th General Meeting * 22nd National Day of Service at Habitat for Humanity * Firefighter of the Year presentation TBA *
December 17th All-Exchange Holiday party
15th - Donna K 7 years
18th - Kim 9 years
27th - Erin 11 years
3rd - Kathy 18th - John S 31st Amy

October 22nd is also the annual PAWrade at Dogs For Life. The Treasure Coast Excel Club through Youth Guidance will be volunteering at this event.

The Fundraising Committee is well on its way in planning the 2017 Golf Tournament. The tournament will be Saturday, June 3rd at the Hawks Nest. Forms are being prepared, contacts have been made and now we are looking for sponsors and players. The club has enjoyed this event, even though it is a lot of work.


Don't forget Halloween is Monday, October 31st.


November 8th

If you are able to vote in the City of Vero Beach please do so.....there are many positions open and we have a number of good people running for those positions. It is soooo important to vote for the right person to represent each one of us and our community.

It is extremely important that you vote in the National Elections. This is a crucial time for our community, nation and world. Let's band together and pray that the best person wins!

November 11th is Veteran's Day
November 13th Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 24th is Thanksgiving


Meeting 12 Noon, 1st & 3rd Thursdays at CJ CANNONS
Volume 03 SEPTEMBER, 2016

JULY 2016 - JUNE 2017


September is also National Baby Safety Month

The first meeting of September we enjoyed Andrea Berry, the Interim Executive Director from Indian River County Healthy Start and Brieanna, the Program Manager for Healthy Families of IRC. The topic for the meeting was "Safe Sleep For Your Baby".

The first fundraiser in September was at the Riverside Theatre...."Howl At The Moon". It was a fun night!

On September 10th several members participated in the Tunnel to Towers project. Our member, Tammy Vock was our club representative. Good Job, Tammy!

Our General Meeting for the 15th had to be cancelled due to the Chamber of Commerce having their annual Private Industry Appreciation Luncheon. A large number of our members will be attending the luncheon.
September 17th is the Beach Clean Up w/ KIRB at South Beach. Breakfast food will be provided to the members and volunteers.
The 24th of September the Excel Club will be having a car wash at the US #1 location of Marine Bank and Trust. Let's ALL support our club's Excel Club!!

01 - General Meeting 06 - General Meeting
03 - Howl At The Moon 02-08 Fire Prevention
08 - Board Meeting Week
10 - Tunnel to Towers 13 - Board Meeting
15 - General Meeting- 20 - General Meeting
Cancelled for a Chamber luncheon
17 - Beach Clean Up w/ KIRB
24 - Excel Club Car Wash 22 - Nat'l Day of
Sam - 6 years Donna K - 7 years
John D - 5 years Kim - 9 years
Erin - 11 years
03 - Alice 03- Kathy
29 - Angie 18 - John S
* 10 - Jennifer (waitress) at CJ Canons 31 - Amy


October 22nd is the National Day of Service. Donna K is the project leader. She has been organizing a work day with Habitat For Humanity Build-Out and Restore. Hours for the build-out team is from 7:30 am to noon. The Restore hours are 9:00 am to noon and/or 1:00pm to 5:00 pm. Way to Go Donna K!

The 2016-2017 Platform for National Exchange is VETERAN'S MATTER - WE MUST TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN

Americanism is one of the 4 Pillars for Exchange and this club takes it very seriously. Any time and every time we can be a part of an Americanism project we are there. Thank you Exchange Club Officers, Directors and membership for ALL you do to be sure we are a part of any Americanism project.

Joe is the Chairman of the Communication, Marketing & Public Relations Committee; (CMPR Committee). This committee is working on the Website, Facebook, Club Newsletter and Press Releases. The committee is Joe, Leslie and the Awsome A's; Alice, Angie and Art!


Kim reported that the Yellow Umbrella, which is like Castle, located in Brevard County is in need of help. They are going through Officer & Director changes and are looking for Exchange Club members to serve as well as Exchange Club's to help with funding. Kim asks that this club help in any way we can.

Kelly Menger let us know that the Gifford Youth Activities Center is in need of wide lined paper and 1" & 2" 3 ring binders. As club members pick up any of the items they can deliver them to Eric at the regular club meetings or to his office at the airport.


Exchange is serving our communities for a better America. Exchange is a nationwide child abuse prevention project that has helped hundreds of thousands of children to lead normal happy lives. Exchange is developing leadership skills, and having fun while giving something back. Exchange is a diverse assortment of Americanism, youth, and community service programs that enhance the lives of countless people. Exchange is a place to create new and lasting friendships with dynamic people who care about their community. Exchange is connecting your community, its leaders, business and other organizations.


The first American woman to cast a ballot to vote was Louisa Swain on September 6, 1870
September 11th is a day we must never forget....
September 19th is National Talk Like a Pirate Day
September birthstone is sapphire
September Astrological Signs are Virgo - August 23rd to September 22nd and Libra - September 23rd to October 22nd